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Book Review: The Man Test by Amanda Aksel

Series: Book 1 in ‘The Marin Test’

“Cheating is all about opportunity. When a man encounters a discreet, mess-free opportunity to have sex with a woman he won’t say no. it’s in their DNA. There are always opportunities.” ~~ Amanda Aksel (Book: The Man Test)

Lately I have been trying to read the books I downloaded when I first got my Kindle. Even last time this book looked interesting and probably wouldn’t have minded its cover back then. I just forgot to read it as it got lost in the sea of other books.

But I’m so glad that the author has updated the cover. 😀

Let’s find out a bit more about ‘The Man Test’…

Genre: Chick-lit Romance.

Main Character: Marin Johns.

‘The Man Test by Amanda Aksel’ ~~ Synopsis:

Marin works as a couples therapist and loves her job of helping couples sort out their differences. It also helps that she too believes in happy endings. She’s over the moon that she’s found the one to share her life with. She’s getting married in a couple of weeks.

Before that Marin leaves for her best friend’s hen party and when she comes back, she finds her fiancé with someone else. She never thought in her wildest dreams that she’d be at the receiving end of cheating. Marin’s perfect world comes crashing down around her.

Her fiancé tries to reason with her, but Marin is not in the mood to listen to his excuses. She cancels their wedding.

Soon she finds herself becoming so sad that she doesn’t even want to do the routine chores. Her friends understand her condition, but are surprised to see Marin so unhappy.

They try to help her come out of her bad mood, but it’s of no use. Marin doesn’t know if she ever wants to face the world again.

Reluctantly, she begins to read some self-help book her best friend Holly gifted her to get over her grief. Soon she decides the self help book is a crap. So she visits the bookstore to return it.

Instead of returning the book, Marin comes across a book promising to reveal the secret life of men. Marin gets the book to find out why her fiancé cheated just days before their wedding. Do all men cheat? If yes, then why go through the entire charade?

Marin reads the book from cover to cover and also does intensive research on cheating men and their reasons. The more she digs the more she’s convinced that men cannot be faithful at all. So they couldn’t be trusted.

Holly is aghast with the direction Marin’s taking and tries to stop her. But Marin wants to uncover the truth once and for all and warn all the females, in case they don’t know already, starting firstly with her friends.

Despite Holly’s warning’s, Marin gets ready to put her plan to fake date some guy for a while until he cheats on her and that would confirm her theory.

Marin begins her hunt for the suitable candidate to become the lab rat for her experiment. She even finds one, on a second try, James Young, a physical therapist.

He seems like a nice guy and soon they begin to date with Marin resolving not to fall for his initial nice guy act. She’s convinced that sooner or later he would cheat on her. She’s even ready to provide the temptation and opportunity?

But this time she’s ready for the outcome. Or so she thinks.

Is Marin really ready to find out the answer to her question? Would James take the bait?


This book reminded me of the book ‘There Are No Men’, not because the plots are similar. But I was thinking add ‘good’ after no in the title and you get the story of ‘The Man Test’. 😀

Anyways, let’s get into this book. The story got me interested quickly, not because I anticipated cheating fiancé, but now that I think of it, I should have.

The story is funny and Marin’s antics funnier, even when she loses her mind after cheating. The plot continues to be interesting, despite the fact that it’s an almost predictable story after the cheating episode.

I found it rather interesting how Marin doesn’t take her cheating ex back. I wonder why, actually, not really. It’s a case of having issue ‘walking the talk’ which almost all of us suffer from, so why not a fictional character.

What we learn from Marin’s character is a common wisdom:

It’s easier to give advice to others than take our own advice and apply it in our life. Or rather something I read somewhere once. In that article, it’s mentioned that doctors rarely, if ever, give themselves the same advice than what they would give their patients. Do whatever you want to make of that interesting nugget of information.

If you like a funny story, you could read ‘The Man Test’ on a hot summer weekend when you probably have no plan to get out of the house.

Hit or Miss: Hit.

Ratings: 4star/5.

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