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Book Review: The One by Kiera Cass

Series: Book 3 in the series ‘The Selection’

“You might not want to fight for the things that most others want fight for, like money or notoriety, but fight all the same. Whatever it is that you want, go after it with all that you have in you.” ~~ Kiera Cass (Book 3: The One)

If I have to choose the best cover in the series than this one would win. Not that ‘The Selection’ or ‘The Elite’ covers are not attractive enough. They are, but ‘The One’ cover probably is the one. 😀

Let’s begin the review….

Genre: Young-Adult Romance, Dystopia.

Main Characters: America Singer; Prince Maxon.

‘The One by Kiera Cass’ ~~ Synopsis:

There are only four girls left in the selection and America is feeling unsure about her place in the palace and Maxon’s heart.

By now she knows, she loves Maxon and needs to tell Aspen about the change. But despite her best intentions, she’s finding the task difficult.

Both tasks are difficult; she does not know how to tell Aspen about her changed feelings gently. Her announcement would hurt him that much, she’s sure of.

Then there’s Maxon, who hints at being in love with her, but seems to be waiting for her to admit first. America sometimes wonder, if he feels the same for her then what’s stopping him from ending the selection?

America fears admitting her feelings and then finding out that Maxon no longer feels the same for her. After all, she’s so far caused more trouble than any other contestant in the selection.

She’s not exactly the obedient and quiet like others. Her impulsive actions have made the King Clarkson her enemy. The King wants her thrown out of the selection and America fears, the King might succeed in forcing Maxon does just that.

Now that they seem to be quarrelling more and Maxon’s getting impatient waiting for her to make up her mind.

So in her desperate attempt to win back Maxon, America takes an impulsive action. That does not work, but it brings them a bit closer again.

America begins to doubt Maxon once again when the leaders of the Northern rebels come to meet Maxon. And he does not show much commitment towards the idea of her being the Queen.

In the meantime, America and other girls decide to get to know each other better and stop finding ways to pull each other’s leg.  

The Southern rebels are trying their best to start a war. They also want the selection cancelled or they’d start killing people, starting from the lowest number.

While the drama to find the next Queen continues inside the walls of the palace.

Maxon does want to end the contest, but he’s not sure about America’s feelings.


Minus Points:

I felt the plot started to unravel in an unhinged manner towards the end. First, there’s a revelation about America’s father. Then the second time we find out there’s someone from the rebels’ side in the Selection.

America finds that person, but does not tell Maxon about it. Even if things work out in the end, she should have told him.

Then there’s ‘let’s kill all’ spree at the end. Now I don’t care who dies in a romance novel as long as hero-heroine does not. But the killing spree in ‘The One’ made no sense to me.

What was it about anyway? OK, I get it that it’s a young-adult romance novel, so the author didn’t go into details unless it suited the story.

I’m not sure about the killing scenes in this one. I got the impression from the previous two books that rebels are passive idiots. But in this one they are aggressive to the point of executing a massacre.

And conveniently kills all the characters who could have posed any threats to America as a future Queen.

That kind of turn of events in fiction, I find amusing, but not satisfied unless they add some good value to the plot. This killing spree added nothing, but confusion and questions.  

Then there’s Aspen, who changes his tune after America tells him, she does not want him anymore. How fickle? Both of them. Then I reminded myself that it’s a young-adult novel.

That’s exactly how lots of young-adults behave. One moment swearing their love for someone, and the next moment running into someone else’s arms. Love at its fickle best! 😀

On a serious note, I felt sorry for Maxon. Then I remembered another small detail that he’s keeping his options open as well, so there’s no need to feel sorry for the either character. They are in a good company in each other’s company. 😉

It’d have been nice to see him stand up to his father in this one, after all he’s the future King.

King Clarkson is a skeleton of a character, could have added a lot of drama, if handled better, in America & Maxon’s love story, since rebels and other girls failed to add much drama. 

Then there are the love letters Maxon writes. I have nothing against them. But why (WHY!) print them in a hideous print? Did the ink in the printer run off while printing them?

Plus Points:

My objections aside, the story once again pulled me into its world and I liked reading ‘The One’. It also helped me finish one really boring book alongside it. 😀

This time there’s more to the story than just getting ready in pretty dresses and trying to woo Maxon.

Not that I didn’t enjoy ‘The Selection’ or ‘The Elite’ but ‘The One’ has more plot (if you like you can also count the killing spree).

 “It doesn’t really matter how you feel about your character, it just matters what you, do with it.” ~~ Kiera Cass (Book 3: The One)

Hit or Miss: Hit!

Ratings: 3stars/5.

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