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Book Review: The Player and the Pixie by L H Cosway & Penny Reid

go site Series: Book 2 in the ‘Rugby’.

enter site “If everyone winked as much in real life as they do on social media and in text messages, the world would be a much creepier place.” ~~ L H Cosway & Penny Reid (Book: The Player and the Pixie)

I downloaded ‘The Player and the Pixie’ within a couple of days after downloading ‘The Hooker and the Hermit

I knew books will be in the Kindle Unlimited program for a while, but I do have a habit of forgetting sometimes. So I didn’t want to take any risks. 😉

Let’s see how ‘The Player and the Pixie’ that is Ronan’s sister Lucy’s story is like…..

go to site Genre: New-Adult Romance/ Sports. Main Characters: Lucy Fitzpatrick, Sean Cassidy.

köp xenical ‘The Player and the Pixie by L H Cosway & Penny Reid’ ~~ Synopsis:

Lucy shoplifts whenever she suffers from stress. The major reason for the unwanted stress in Lucy’s life is her mother’s constant disapproval of how she lives her life.

So when Annie offers Lucy a chance to become a photographer for the Socialmedilite, she moves to New York. Lucy hasn’t stolen anything in New York as her contact with her mother was minimal.  

Since contact with her mother brings out the thief in Lucy, she steals again, when she lands in Ireland. Lucy’s is biggest fear is, someday she’d get caught and her actions would embarrass her famous brother.  

She doesn’t want to become the reason for his worries or problems with the media. But what can she do. Her mother’s constant disapproval triggers her bad habit and she can’t even seek professional help.

When her brother’s teammate-cum-nemesis Sean catches Lucy stealing, she agrees to have a lunch with him. Lucy tries to see only the best in people, even Sean, who by all accounts is a horrible person.

She thinks Sean only behaves like a snob, but he’s a nice person. That’s partly because she’s attracted to him. During the lunch his attitude and some revelation confirm what Lucy didn’t want to believe. That he’s not a good person to be around.

To get some peace and balance back in her life, Lucy leaves for yoga retreat and is surprised to find that Sean has followed her there.

Now how is she supposed to keep her attraction to the enemy under control while it seems he likes her too?

When Sean meets Lucy for the first time he got the impression that she doesn’t hate him like her brother for some reason. He likes her and knows if he acted on his intentions, it’d anger Ronan a lot.

So he comes up with a plan and lands straight at the yoga retreat Lucy unintentionally invited him to.

Sean begins to woo Lucy while Lucy spends her time trying to avoid him. But in the end Lucy gives in and is surprised to find Sean isn’t a good lover. How could it be? She wonders.

Life would have gone back to the way it’s but Sean surprised her when he asks her to teach him how to please a woman.

Lucy doesn’t want to get entangled with him or his problems. But she’d not say no and they agree on a weeklong deal & that neither would reveal their relationship status to anyone. Most certainly not to her brother. 😉

Sean agrees. At first he just wanted to get involved with Lucy to annoy her brother some more. But soon he sees a way out of his one problem he’d not able to solve on his own.

As Lucy & Sean spend time with each other, Sean begins to like Lucy and start searching for ways to spend time with her.

But it’s not easy as Lucy doesn’t want to get caught with Sean despite liking him. Their no strings arrangement soon begins to spiral out of control.    

opciones financieras prosper lamothe Review:

Glad I liked Lucy’s character in ‘The Hooker and the Hermit’ and was eager to read her story. What came as a surprise to me was Sean’s character. I wasn’t expecting him to get a story.

I might have been reluctant to read ‘The Player and the Pixie’ if I had paid more attention to the blurb.

Anyway, I enjoyed reading Lucy & Sean’s story and am waiting for the next installment in the series. I found Sean’s character a bit underdeveloped.

watch “Denying yourself the very thing that brings you joy will only create a hole inside you. And that hole will fester until it becomes black and toxic.” ~~ L H Cosway & Penny Reid (Book: The Player and the Pixie)

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