book review to err is human by swarupa chavan

Book Review: To Err is Human by Swarupa Chavan

“To err indeed is human, to forgive divine.” This book smashed all my plans to apply for the position of the divine. 😀

The title is appropriate for the book along with the dull cover art. Why I purchased it, then?

Simple: I bought it after reading the blurb and the comments left by the readers on an online shopping website.

So many praises not just by female readers (the target audience) but guys as well. I have nothing against guys reading chick-lit. We are all free to read whichever genre we want to. That’s not even an issue.

But guys are rarely caught showering praises on a Chicklit or romance novels.

I admit so many glowing reviews impressed me. If I’d used my head then, would have escaped the torture. Only blurb seems to be the work of a creative mind.

Here’s a line from the blurb in praise of the protagonist: “magnet for error, her path of trial and error, her roller-coaster, adventurous life, promises to take us on a whirlwind adventure.”

Nothing in the description matches the BORING life of the protagonist. My whirlwind adventure after finishing the book was to throw it, with as much force I could muster, on the wall in front of me.

I had decided not to ever reread this book. But to write this review had to go through the third degree torture one more time. After reading it for the second time around I’m sure there’s only one way to get rid of it by selling it to a scrap dealer.

If you’re still around then let’s begin the review….

Genre: Chick-Lit

Main Characters: Malini.

‘To Err is Human By Swarupa Chavan’ ~~ Synopsis:

The protagonist, Malini, moves to Mumbai to work as a writer with a lifestyle magazine.

Her over-concerned, over-protective mother wants Malini to settle down. An obsession almost every mother seems to share in almost every chick-lit novel to some extent that it’s no longer funny.

Poor Malini has a lot to deal with in her not-so-exciting-life: annoying, obnoxious boss, backstabbing colleagues and a crush, nagging neighborhood auntyji, saving a child named Karim from the clutches of drug/child labor mafia, playing daredevil & getting kidnapped Bollywood style and participating in girl-seeing functions arranged by her mother.


Phew! One hell of a unique and exciting lifestyle she has. The plot is so old that it fails to ignite interest unless the writing style of the author was exciting and had managed to induce new life into the old topic.

But the writing in ‘To Err Is Human’ is tortuously dull. I couldn’t even warm up to Malini’s good dead of saving a child. The whole scenario seems somewhat forced and inserted to collect sympathy from the readers.

And then there’s Manoj the silent knight in shining armor, who Malini ignores because she cannot imagine him as her ‘Mr. Right.’ Manoj helps her inside and outside of the office, but there’s no real chemistry between them.

Then in the end he pops the dreaded question just like that! This book sent me to hell, which I don’t mind as long it’s intriguing and entertaining.

The book seems like a tasteless cocktail of ‘Almost Single’, ‘Kkrishnaa’s Konfessions’ and ‘Keep the Change’. After mixing ideas taken from these three books, the author came up with the vile concoction called ‘To Err Is Human.’

I won’t even suggest borrowing this book from the library, not if you enjoy mental torture.

But if you believe that your life is not interesting enough then go ahead, read it. After reading it, you’d surely start to appreciate your routine life much more than before.

Who knows after reading it you too would end up penning down your own story, or rather your life’s boring story.

If this book can get published, then who says your life story isn’t worth turning into a book. It could actually be interesting, you never know.

(UPDATE) Recently, I went over to Goodreads to check the spelling of the author’s name (I’m known to misspell) and found something funny.

The author is the only one giving her own books 5 stars. Now that’s certainly comedy. It says (nothing worth saying) a lot about your work when you’re the only one giving it 5 stars.

Hit or Miss: Read it at your own risk. 

Ratings: -1star/5.

Buy:  Amazon 

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