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BOOK REVIEW: Twenties Girl By Sophie Kinsella

Genre: Chick-Lit

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The book captured my attention the moment my eyes landed on the cover art. Wow….love it!

Yes, I’m aware of my cover art obsession along with not judging a ‘book by its cover.’ But that doesn’t mean, my heart would allow my head to decide.

I go starry-eyed whenever I spot an attractive cover art. 😀

Once again I allowed the cover art of a book to lure me. I found the blurb not revealing enough, which added to the mystery and my curiosity to know more.

I almost didn’t get ‘Twenties Girl By Sophie Kinsella’ as I don’t like ghost stories.

Let’s see how ‘Twenties Girl’ turns out….

Main Characters: Lara Lington; Sadie Lancaster.

‘Twenties Girl By Sophie Kinsella’ ~~ Synopsis:

Once upon a time, Lara had it all: a steady marketing job and a steady boyfriend Josh, who she’s going to marry eventually.

Life’s sort of perfect or at least was moving in that direction. But there’s no such thing as perfect life, Lara realizes when Josh abruptly breaks up with her.

To the make matters worse, Lara’s parents want her, along with them, to attend her great-aunt Sadie’s funeral. The great-aunt no one in the family mentioned before.

The worst part Lara believes Josh would one day realize that breaking up with her was a mistake. That’s one reason her parents worry about Lara. (So far, just another clichéd chick-lit about a loser protagonist! (Sigh!)

Lara halfheartedly agrees to attend her great-aunt Sadie’s funeral. From there on Lara’s life turns; out of the blue Lara can see her dead aunt’s 23-year-old ghost.

The ghost of Sadie wants her dragonfly necklace back. Right in that moment! 😀

Needless to say, Lara begins to wonder if she’s losing her mind. There’s no such thing as a ghost…right? 😉

Lara wants to ignore, but Sadie’s ghost is persistent.  Sadie manages to bully Lara into stopping the funeral till they find her precious necklace.

So Lara in desperation alleges that someone murdered Sadie. Her claim stops Sadie’s funeral for a while and Lara gets in trouble with the police.

Lara soon realizes, a crazy, opinionated & bossy ghost is haunting her. 😀 A ghost, who only thinks about two things:

1. How to find her dragonfly necklace.

2. How to go dancing every night and date real men. 😀

Lara and Sadie begin their search for Sadie’s dragonfly necklace. All of it, results in chaos and hilarious situations.

Sadie’s not all about creating trouble for Lara. She also helps Lara with her business deals, shows Lara her ex isn’t the one for her and forces, Lara to ask a stranger (named Ed) to go out with her.

The more time, Lara spends with Sadie’s ghost and explores her great-aunt’s past, the more she feels guilty about not ever making an effort to know Sadie when she’s alive.

Also, Lara discovers the real story behind her uncle’s overnight business success.

My Views:

OK, so the ghosts can be fun too! The scenes where Sadie is lusting after Ed are hilarious! 😀

Sadie is the main attraction and without her story would have been just another addition in the chick-lit genre.

Sadie is, entertaining, intriguing and devilish. 😉 I don’t think many chick-lit novels come with a message, but this book has one…make it two.

Message No 1:

Don’t start a business with a friend because it’s convenient. You might not get along.

Message No 2:

Take time to know and talk to elderly.


“Next time you look at an elderly person remember they were young once.” ~~ Anonymous

And unfortunately, you &  are not going to stay young forever either. No need to treat them as if they have no idea what life is all about. They know because they were once young too.

The ‘Twenties Girl’ is worth investing time, money and effort! Intriguing, hilarious, sometimes emotional but all in all one hell of a good reading experience!

Go ahead; read it, the book won’t disappoint you, even if you’re (like me) not a fan of ghosts. You might turn into one. 😉

Hit Or Miss: Hit

Ratings: 4 stars/5.

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