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Book Review: UnderCovers by Kayti McGee

“Eventually all relationships die in a fiery furnace of Hell.” ~~ Kayti McGee (Book: Undercovers)

This book I almost deleted from my Kindle after reading the blurb. But then I thought let’s at least read until I find something that would justify deleting it.

Since I’m publishing the review it’s evident I finished the story. 😀

Let’s find out more about ‘Undercovers by Kayti McGee’….

Genre: New Adult Romance.

Main Character: Melissa Montclair,  Spence Vega.

‘Undercovers by Kayti McGee‘~~ Synopsis:

Melissa is celebrating the New Years eve with her friend, when she meets Spence. She thinks everything is perfect (looks wise) about Spence for the night. Since he thinks the same, one night stand follows.

She’s feeling good about life in general about her one night dare devil act 😉 when the sky falls on her head the next day.

She finds Spence in her class. She’s a teacher. Melissa couldn’t believe her eyes or her bad luck.

She panics and calls her friend to find out what to do as she’s certain she’s going to get arrested for sleeping with the minor.

Her friend manages to calm Melissa for a while with some explanation, but all explanations fail when it’s confirmed that finding Spence in her class is no hallucination. He’s the new student.

Her life as a teacher or the respectable member of the society is over because of her one reckless decision.

All the time, Melissa is busy freaking out; Spence is having a laugh at her expense. He’s an undercover cop, working to expose the drug racket that’s suddenly overtaken the town and some schools.

The school where Melissa works at is one such school.

Spence’s as surprised as Melissa to find her in the school.

The only difference is, unlike her, he doesn’t have to go into a panic mode.

He begins to wonder if he’d convince her, he’s not underage without blowing off his cover, so they’d continue their affair on the side.

Melissa’s not sure if it’s a good idea, but Spence manages to convince her that he’s not underage.

He even manages to find one of the dealers in the school. He begins to wonder how Melissa would react when his undercover job is finished. 

Everything’s going as per plan until Spence begins to suspect Melissa is probably the dealer, he’s looking for.

Melissa suspects Spence of either dealing in drugs or addicted, when Melissa finds the packet. Should she report him?


The writing style is engaging, but the story still moves slowly with some funny moments.

And the chemistry between the characters is good. It’s almost like that of Lauren & Alexander from ‘Oxford Blues’ by Pippa Croft, but without the drama.

After 60% I just couldn’t like either character anymore. Their childishness fades into the background and the story stops being funny.

I also began to see the reasons why first person POV is sometimes so terrible. But for some reason New Adult genre comes in first person POV. I also like reading it.

All that matters is what’s going on in their heads….not good enough. Some other details could have been added to add some substance to this quick read.

It’s a short read and if you like this genre then maybe you’d read it on the weekend. The story ends abruptly, another minus.

“No one gets away with everything, not forever. There’s always evidence, if you look in the right spot, and if you’re lucky, getting away with it for a while makes the perp lazy.” ~~ Kayti McGee (Book: Undercovers)

Hit or Miss: OK.

Ratings: 2stars/5.

Buy:   Amazon

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