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BOOK REVIEW: Who Will Cry When You Die? By Robin Sharma

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I tried my best to escape from the clutches of this book. I really did! But in the end it didn’t work out. 😀

What happened was: I picked ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’ and was so happy ‘yeah! Got all the titles I want!’

The excitement was short lived as the book mentioned above refused to check out of the library. The librarian tried and tried and in the end asked me to pick another title. 🙁

I’d the choice to leave with the books (5 in this case) in my hand. But I wanted the sixth book as well. So I went back and grabbed this one.

Anyways, some books are stubborn; they chase you until you at least think about reading them. You just can’t escape them.

Let’s find out what I got from ‘ ang dating daan lyrics Who Will Cry When You Die? By Robin Sharma’….

enter ‘Who Will Cry When You Die By Robin Sharma’ ~~ Synopsis:

In ‘ cnil et sites de rencontre Who Will Cry When You Die?’ the author shares 101 short inspirational messages.

I’m not listing all but the ones that resonated with me, in hope that you’d like them as well. Also, you can read the book and discover what you like. It’s a short-read one day read anyway.

So let’s begin….

follow link Inspiration 1:

Your life is worth writing about. Start maintaining a journal. Record your thoughts, reactions, emotions, events that happen during the day, your ideas etc.

You discover yourself when you write about your life and later reflect on what you wrote and how you behaved. Only when you become aware of your reactions, you can change them.

click here Inspiration 2:

Learn to honor your words and promises given to yourself and others. Don’t take your words lightly. For example, if you don’t want to call someone, don’t say that you will. You never know the person might waste their time waiting for the call, you have no intention of making from the moment you said you would.

When you don’t honor your words, it reflects poorly on you. Do that often and people will stop trusting your words. Be conscious of what you say.

watch Inspiration 3:

Sometimes we make mistakes in life that we keep thinking about and torturing yourself with thoughts like ‘what if?’

If you’re going to invest your precious time pondering your past mistakes, then isn’t it a good idea to get some lessons from them? So you will not repeat those same mistakes again.

Take time to sort out your emotions/feelings about the past events and mistakes you made. Reflect on what you did wrong, learn from them and most important, learn to move on armed with new knowledge.  

go site Inspiration 4:

Learn to say ‘No’ to the people and the tasks that are not worthy of your time and attention.

Time is a precious and limited commodity. Once you lose it, you can never have it back. So give your time and attention to those people and tasks that matters to you the most. Don’t waste your time on everybody and everything.

http://brander.fi/?macriot=lusitanos-site-de-rencontre&d73=9b Inspiration 5:

Work towards achieving your goal. But don’t allow the work to consume you, to an extent that you have no time left for you. Work is not life, it’s part of life.

So don’t get obsessed with work and turn into a workaholic. To refresh your senses, take a day off or a few hours away from your work, worries and electronic devices etc.

go Inspiration 6:

Keep a small amount of time from your schedule just for whatever that worries you. Analyze your worries. Then think what you can do to erase some of them. Find out how many are just empty fears that might never happen and how many you can do nothing about.

follow site Inspiration 7:

Learn to meditate and be silent. Spending time in silence with yourself is important and useful. It’s not important to talk all the time.

The time you will spend with yourself will allow you to see what’s important to you. It also helps you figure out who are and if something needs to change.  

Inspiration 8:

Keep a book with you always. I love this one. 😉 I always have some or other book with me. Actually, thanks to Kindle I have more than one book with me.

Inspiration 9:

Don’t multitask because no matter what anyone says, multitasking is not a skill. Focus your time, energy and attention on a project that matters the most, one at a time.

Lastly, don’t wait for the perfect time to become who you are or what you want to do in your life. There’s no such thing as ‘perfect time.’ Start now!

My Views:

Also, I finally understood what ‘Who Will Cry When You Die’ is all about. 

“Greatness comes from beginning something that doesn’t end with you.” ~~ Robin Sharma

The same message I encountered in ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ as well but I didn’t get it. I think I have issues with the way Stephen Covey dramatized the message.

I mean, if you will ask me to imagine my funeral, then I’m not getting it because I’m not going to imagine any such thing.

The whole ‘imagining funeral thing’ seem to say something like be aware of what others would think about you after your death. Like most people don’t waste most of their time doing just that when they’re alive.

As I see it, do what you want to do because just because you became someone noteworthy it wouldn’t stop people from talking bad about you after your death.


I like the author’s style of simplifying all the philosophies. You don’t have to think much about the meaning of his messages. “Who Will Cry When You Die’ is an inspirational and a good read. Also, there are many amazing quotes in the book for you if you love collecting quotes. 😀

Hit Or Miss: Hit.

Ratings: 3.5 stars/5.

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