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BOOK REVIEW: Enchantment How To Woo, Influence And Persuade By Guy Kawasaki

Genre: Business Buy: Amazon When I first discovered my passion for reading books I quickly realized that I favor fiction over nonfiction. If the books belong to romance or paranormal genre, that’s even better. But after getting a library membership, I discovered, the content should be appealing and the genre is irrelevant. Since I enjoyed […]

BOOK REVIEW: It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be– The World’s Best-Selling Book By Paul Arden

Genre: Business/Self-Help Buy: Amazon Buy: iTunes Have you ever read a book that’s promising to provide you with some serious advice on ‘how to write your personal success story?’ I’m sure you have. 😉 But when it comes in such a small package, you have to spare some time to wonder if it’s some sort […]


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