Category: Chick-Lit

Book Review: The Shopping Swap by Erin Brady

eritrean dating websites “Imagination is not cheating. It that’s the case, every couple is guilty of being unfaithful.” ~~ Erin Brady (Book: The Shopping Swap) The title promised a light read and the blurb makes it seem funny. Let’s find out if ‘The Shopping Swap’ is as funny as I ended up thinking… Genre: Chick-Lit Romance. Main Characters: […]

Book Review: My DisOrganised Life by Nina Whyle “People behaved differently when they think camera’s not on them, their real personality shines through, which means they are likely to say or do something unexpected.” ~~ Nina Whyle (Book” My DisOrganised Life) After reading spiritless and humorless ‘The CEO’ & ‘The Artist’ I needed something that would make me laugh. So I once again […]

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