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BOOK REVIEW: The Guide BY R.K. Narayan

BOOK REVIEW: The Guide BY R.K. Narayan Genre: Romance/Classics Buy: Amazon I don’t remember how old I was when I saw the movie adaptation of R.K. Narayan’s ‘The Guide.’ But I do remember the whole story. Actually, I remember the plot of almost every old movie I have ever seen when I were a kid. […]

BOOK REVIEW: Gone With The Wind By Margaret Mitchell

Genre: Historical/Classics Buy: Amazon When I started exploring my passion for books, I was only interested in reading ‘Gone with the wind by Margaret Mitchell’ to find out about the hype surrounding it. A couple of years ago, Scarlett’s character didn’t bother me. Despite the fact that I was quick to judge her and label […]

BOOK REVIEW: Arms And The Man By George Bernard Shaw

Genre: Classics Buy: Amazon This book is responsible for making me believe (for a while) that ‘writing a novel is an easy task.’ Of course, now I know that writing a novel or even a blog post isn’t that easy. Secondly, ‘Arms And The Man By George Bernard Shaw’ is not a novel, it’s a […]


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