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Book Review: The Yoga of the Nine Emotions by Peter Marchand

Genre: Philosophy The title got my attention and after reading the blurb I wanted to find out: What’s prescribed in the book to control our emotions instead of letting them control us? First: What’s Rasa? “A Rasa (Sanskrit for ‘essence’ ‘juice’) denotes an essential mental state and is the dominant emotional theme of a work […]

Book Review: How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big By Scott Adams

Genre: Biography “Insanity is always a reasonable diagnosis when you’re dealing with writers and artists. Sometimes the only real difference between crazy people and artists is that artists write down what they imagine seeing.” ~~ Scott Adams (Book: How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big) How to leave a book when it’s […]

Book Review: Stay Hungry Stay Foolish by Rashmi Bansal

All it took to make this phrase popular was hearing it from Steve Jobs and since then I think people are trying to milk it. I’m bored reading/listening to ‘Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish’. Maybe we should advise the person to eat and stop being foolish just because someone famous uttered the words. 😉 I had […]

Book Review: The 80/20 Principle — The Secret to Achieving More with Less by Robert Koch

Genre: Business/Nonfiction I have encountered two theories online that seems to be most popular: 1: Work harder than others to achieve your goals. 2: Working less, but achieving more. I must say the second theory is more fascinating than the first one. Hence, my decision to get the book. After all, the author is discussing […]

Book Review: Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T Kiyosaki

Genre: Self-Help “If you cannot get control of yourself, do not try to get rich. It makes no sense to invest, make money and blow it.” ~~ Robert T Kiyosaki (Book: Rich Dad Poor Dad) I have read rave reviews of this book on some or other sites since landing online. Even by Indian readers […]


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