Category: Paranormal Romance/Fiction

Book Review: Happy Hour at Casa Dracula by Marta Acosta

Series: Book 1 in the ‘Casa Dracula’ “Okay, all men are perverts. Any man, you know, get him comfortable enough, and he will reveal some warped desires.” ~~ Marta Acosta (Book: Happy Hour at Casa Dracula) I started reading ‘Happy Hour at Casa Dracula’ immediately after reading ‘Blood Therapy’. I crossed my fingers and hoped […]

Book Review: Out of Practice Aphrodite by S. E. Babin

Series: Book 1 in ‘The Goddess Chronicles’ “Love rarely made sense, but when the bonds were strong enough, it worked no matter what obstacles were thrown in someone’s path.” ~~ S. E. Babin (Book: Out of Practice Aphrodite) OK, it was time to read something for fun (again). The title of the book seems funny […]

Book Review: Blood Therapy by Lynda Hilburn

Series: Book 2 in the ‘’Kismet Knight, Ph.D., Vampire Psychologist’. “When we hurt ourselves, we distract from the real problem but nothing gets any better.” ~~ Lynda Hilburn (Book: Blood Therapy) Since it took me almost over a year to get to the book two in this series, it’s evident, the reading this book was […]

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