BOOK REVIEW: The Hidden Ones By Nancy Madore Genre: Fantasy Buy: Amazon Series: Book One in the ‘Legacy Of The Watchers’ “One man‘s angel is another man‘s alien.” ~~ Nancy Madore (Book: The Hidden Ones) It’s no longer a secret as I complain a lot about this one issue whenever I get a chance. No, not about angels or even aliens, it’s about […]

BOOK REVIEW: Wicked By Any Other Name By Linda Wisdom Genre: Fantasy/Romance Buy: Amazon Series: Book Three in Hex series I don’t like reading series out of the order. In this case, there’s no one else to blame but me. After all, I picked the books, this one and ‘Hex in High Heels’ because I fell for the covers. Almost all the books in the […]

BOOK REVIEW: After Life By Daniel Ionson Genre: Fantasy Buy: Amazon Since I hadn’t set up ‘contact me’ form, once again, I got the review query via Twitter.  Something weird happened and I finally set up the ‘contact me’ form that day. Weird because I wanted to set it up for quite some time, but kept delaying the inevitable. Also, now I’m […]