BOOK REVIEW: Arms And The Man By George Bernard Shaw

Genre: Classics Buy: Amazon This book is responsible for making me believe (for a while) that ‘writing a novel is an easy task.’ Of course, now I know that writing a novel or even a blog post isn’t that easy. Secondly, ‘Arms And The Man By George Bernard Shaw’ is not a novel, it’s a […]

BOOK REVIEW: Single Girl’s To-Do List By Lindsey Kelk

Genre: Chick-Lit Buy: Amazon One of my friends praised the author so much that I made up my mind to read at least one book by Ms. Lindsey Kelk. I later found out (to my disappointment), my friend wasn’t talking about ‘Single Girl’s To-Do List’ but the ‘I Heart’ series. Before getting ‘Single Girl’s To-Do […]

BOOK REVIEW: Baramulla Bomber By Clark Prasad

Genre: Fiction Buy: Amazon A fellow blogger approached me on Twitter and asked if I’d like to be part of “Readers Cosmos Book Review Program.” When books are involved it’s difficult to say no. I decided to review “Baramulla Bomber by Clark Prasad” without even reading the blurb. Why bother? Just look at the cover. […]

BOOK REVIEW: Lean In: Women, Work And The Will To Lead By Sheryl Sandberg

Genre: Self-Help/Business Buy: Amazon I had no idea about Ms. Sheryl Sandberg until last year. Though I do remember writing quite a few articles on “technology” and sometimes people related to such products. Back then my favorite topics were: Apple & Steve Jobs, not because I knew much about either one. All I knew, both […]

BOOK REVIEW: Isia’s Secret By Raymond Stone

Genre: Political Thriller Buy: Amazon ‘Isia’s Secret by Raymond Stone’ has been long overdue on my to-read and review list. Though, the blog is not dedicated to one genre, sometimes my partiality towards romance novels do takes over (with a vengeance). But I’m glad I finally read it! Narrative swings between first person and third […]


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