BOOK REVIEW: Veronica Decides To Die By Paulo Coelho

Genre:Fiction/Spirituality Buy: Amazon One of my friends suggested that I read ‘Veronica decides to die’ as it’s one of the best works of Paulo Coelho. Otherwise it probably would have taken me some time to get to this one. Maybe I didn’t want to read it because of the title. Nothing against ‘Veronica’s decision to […]

BOOK REVIEW: God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything By Christopher Hitchens

Genre: Religion/Non-Fiction Buy: Amazon How to avoid the ‘siren call’ of a book with such an attention-grabbing title? I don’t know about others, but I can’t. Also, considering most of us wouldn’t want to lock horns with religion, I wanted to read ‘God is not Great’ without a doubt. For most of us, shaking beehive […]

BOOK REVIEW: The Abandoned Countess– Abigail’s Story By Shannon Salter

Genre: Historical Romance Buy: Amazon This is another book I received via Google Plus, as I still haven’t set up a ‘contact me’ page. I don’t want to make it difficult or impossible for authors to contact me. It’s just the idea sort of makes me uncomfortable. My reasoning: I don’t want to drown in […]

BOOK REVIEW: The Guide BY R.K. Narayan

BOOK REVIEW: The Guide BY R.K. Narayan Genre: Romance/Classics Buy: Amazon I don’t remember how old I was when I saw the movie adaptation of R.K. Narayan’s ‘The Guide.’ But I do remember the whole story. Actually, I remember the plot of almost every old movie I have ever seen when I were a kid. […]


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