BOOK REVIEW: The Change in Di Navarra’s Plan By Lynn Raye Harris Genre: Contemporary; Mills and Boon. Buy: Amazon For a while after picking this book I kept wondering; ‘something about the book seems familiar? Have I read it before?’ Since I don’t ever forget a book that I have read, above mentioned thoughts were troubling. What if I have forgotten that I did read this one […]

BOOK REVIEW: Hexe By Skadi Winter

click Genre: Fiction/Young-Adult Buy: Amazon New discovery: you can put the virtual sign on your blog that reads ‘not accepting reviews’ but still can end up with some review requests. No, I’m not complaining, what’s there to complain about.  I like this system of getting review requests on social media platforms. Much better than setting a […]

BOOK REVIEW: Aleph By Paulo Coelho

follow Genre:Spirituality Buy: Amazon “Aleph: the point at which everything is in the same place at the same time.” – Paulo Coelho Other definition/meaning: “It’s the first letter of the alphabet in Hebrew, Arabic, and Aramaic.” Since I suffer from the uncontrollable urge to read almost any book written by Paulo Coelho.Needless to add I wanted […]