BOOK REVIEW: Devotion Calls By Caridad Pineiro

Genre: Paranormal Romance Buy: Amazon I think it’s time to admit that the series is finally catching fire and weaving an intriguing web. “Devotion Calls by Caridad Pineiro” is about a mysterious healer friend of Samantha, Ricardo Fernandez. The cover art is somewhere between, not appealing neither displeasing in any manner. It just doesn’t have […]

BOOK REVIEW: Queen Of Dreams By Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

Genre: Fantasy Fiction/Romance Buy: Amazon Another amazing story written by Ms. Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni! Once again the author has beautifully woven a story that’s modern with a sprinkling of the paranormal. Now that I’m addicted to her brand of storytelling, I won’t be able to rest until have read all the books by the author. […]

BOOK REVIEW: Death Calls By Caridad Pineiro

Genre: Paranormal Romance Buy: Amazon This one is the much needed book in ‘The Calling’ series by Caridad Pineiro. As Diana and Ryder’s story, takes over other stories around them. Or at least, the weaker stories around them, whenever they make an appearance in any of the books in the series. It seems like an […]

BOOK REVIEW: The God Delusion By Richard Dawkins

Genre: Non-Fiction/Religion Buy: Amazon Was I aware of Mr. Richard Dawkins few months ago? The answer is No. So how I found The Book? By random chance of course! If you keep browsing the internet aimlessly, two things can happen to you–either you’d find something interesting or would end up straining your eyes on useless […]

BOOK REVIEW: Temptation Calls By Caridad Pineiro

Genre: Paranormal Romance Buy: Amazon After reading “Danger Calls” I wasn’t sure if I want to finish the series. But now I’m glad I persisted even if it’s just for the sake of finishing the series. ‘Temptation Calls By Caridad Pineiro’ ~~ Synopsis:  In the 18thcentury a rogue vampire attacked Samantha Turner and turned her […]


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