BOOK REVIEW: Bestseller in 1 Day By Tara Meyer-Robson

I never suffered from the impression that marketing’s fun. I mean, if you don’t like something, it’s unlikely you’d consider it as a ‘fun activity.’ So one way or another always managed to avoid what I call ‘marketing monster.’ I learned the importance of marketing only after launching this blog last year. I realized you […]

BOOK REVIEW: The Playboy’s Gift By Teresa Carpenter

Genre: Romance Buy: Amazon “Learn from your past mistake,” that’s what everyone expects from you, including yourself. But when it comes to books, I don’t think I’m ready to learn from my mistakes. How else I’m supposed to explain my habit of requesting (read: emotional blackmail) someone known to me to get me a book? […]

BOOK REVIEW: Scarlett By Alexandra Ripley

Genre: Historical Fiction Buy: Amazon “Be careful what you wish for” whoever invented this adage knew what s/he was talking about. And I had no idea that wishes if decides to come true, can be fatal for your health too. Something like that happened, when my eyes settled on ‘Scarlet by Alexandra Ripley.’ And refused […]

BOOK REVIEW: Once Upon a Time in Tarrula By Jennie Adams

Genre: Romance Buy: Amazon I think this is what you end up with (look on your left) if you ask someone else to get you a book. It’s not really a monotonous read, but I never warmed up to its cover art. Not particularly an awful cover art, but uninteresting enough to discourage you from […]

BOOK REVIEW: Gone With The Wind By Margaret Mitchell

Genre: Historical/Classics Buy: Amazon When I started exploring my passion for books, I was only interested in reading ‘Gone with the wind by Margaret Mitchell’ to find out about the hype surrounding it. A couple of years ago, Scarlett’s character didn’t bother me. Despite the fact that I was quick to judge her and label […]


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