BOOK REVIEW: Fury Calls By Caridad Pineiro

Hai bisogno di ulteriori informazioni su questa impresa? Contatta pure l'impresa Srl tramite i recapiti che trovi qui nella sua scheda.Da anni Genre: Paranormal Romance Buy: Amazon The “Fury Calls by Caridad Pineiro” marks the end of ‘The Calling series’. At least that’s the result of my research. I’m hoping it ends here. The cover art of ‘Fury Calls’ is beautiful. Maybe I should add that it’s the best cover art in the series. ‘Fury Calls By […]

BOOK REVIEW: All I Ever Wanted By Kristan Higgins Genre: Chick-Lit Buy: Amazon The cover art of “All I Ever Wanted by Kristan Higgins” prompted me to pick the book immediately and go through the blurb. After reading some scenes at random, it seemed like a good reading material for fun reading session on a weekend. Even if it wasn’t a fun read, maybe […]

BOOK REVIEW: Blood Calls By Caridad Piñeiro Genre: Paranormal Romance Buy: Amazon This is the book that started the chain reaction of reviews of ‘The Calling series’ on this blog. Since the publisher almost never mentions, if the book is part of the series or a stand-alone title, I had to do the research myself. I remember agonizing over it. I always […]