BOOK REVIEW: The Prophecy Of Trivine By Pulkit Gupta, Srivatsan Sridharan & Tnahsin Garg Genre: Fantasy Buy: Amazon It seems like my reading & reviewing life for now, is following a pattern. For example: 1. I’m reviewing quite a few new books by new authors. 2. They are falling in sci-fi & fantasy (here & here) category and I’m not creating any new categories. 3. So far my experience, […]

BOOK REVIEW: Twelve Nation—The Book Of Epoch By Michael Reiss, Walter Timoshenko, Darryl Kravitz

föra över pengar till forex konto Genre: Young-Adult Buy: Amazon I don’t remember reading any children’s books when I was a kid. (But do remember collecting quite a few later.) Only books I knew about: text books and they failed to catch my attention. Later found out, reading books, is not a torture. It all depends on the book you’re reading. […]

BOOK REVIEW: After Their Vows By Michelle Reid Genre: Romance Buy: Amazon I purchased ‘After Their Vows by Michelle Reid’ a couple of years ago. I remember having a disagreement with my friend over whether to enter or not to enter the bookshop. I wanted to enter the bookshop, desperately. Only after I promised my friend that I would be quick with my […]