BOOK REVIEW: Lullaby By Amanda Hocking

Genre: Young-Adult/Fantasy Buy: Amazon When you like the first book in a series, you look forward to reading the second installment. So far I don’t know if that’s a good sign or not. ‘Wake’ left me wanting to know more about Gemma fate. And how Harper intends to get her little sister back. It took […]

BOOK REVIEW: It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be– The World’s Best-Selling Book By Paul Arden

Genre: Business/Self-Help Buy: Amazon Buy: iTunes Have you ever read a book that’s promising to provide you with some serious advice on ‘how to write your personal success story?’ I’m sure you have. 😉 But when it comes in such a small package, you have to spare some time to wonder if it’s some sort […]

BOOK REVIEW: The Rough Guide to the Lost Symbol by Michael Haag

Genre: Non-Fiction/Guide Buy: Amazon Whenever I end up with a book by an author I have not heard of, I wonder what exactly I was thinking when I got it. Was I even thinking? Maybe not! And I’m not talking about new authors. But the already published authors, who have at least handful of books […]

Book Review: Tall, Dark & Handsome by Nisha Minhas

Whoever said, “Old habits die hard” knew what s/he was talking about. Recently, I realized that I have been posting too many chick-lit novel reviews and here I’m today posting another one. In my defense, all I can say is, this genre is easy to read and review and sometimes funny as well. I’m all […]

BOOK REVIEW: Wake By Amanda Hocking

Genre: Young-Adult/Fantasy Buy: Amazon After reading (a lot) about Amanda Hocking online and her instant fame via self-publishing, I thought why not read one her books. Since she seem to write series only, I chose the ‘Watersong’ series. Though, ‘My Blood Approves’ series seem exciting too. Anyways, starting a series is always a “risk” as […]


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