Book Review: Keep the Change by Nirupama Subramanian

Once again, I picked a book because of the cover art. Back in the day I used to (sometimes) read the blurb as well. So after reading the blurb: “rollicking story of every girl’s journey to fulfill her dreams,” the reader inside my head reacted, ‘I don’t agree!’ Here are the objections: Two or more […]

Book Review: To Err is Human by Swarupa Chavan

“To err indeed is human, to forgive divine.” This book smashed all my plans to apply for the position of the divine. 😀 The title is appropriate for the book along with the dull cover art. Why I purchased it, then? Simple: I bought it after reading the blurb and the comments left by the […]

Book Review: Almost Single by Advaita Kala

“For most people, life and love are like a game of connecting-the-dots: the numbers always form a straight line to the goal. The result is a perfect picture. For the lesser half-especially for those who inhabit my world — the vision is a blur of blots and splotches and there’s no straight line to speak […]

BOOK REVIEW: Millionaire’s Rebellious Mistress By Catherine George

Genre: Romance (Mills and Boon) Buy: Amazon Hmmmm…..what should I say about this one? Let me start by saying the obvious: delicious looking cover art! As usual quite attractive and eye-catching—the hallmark of Mills and Boon novel covers. And the title! I can hardly stop myself from smiling foolishly whenever I chance upon this title […]

BOOK REVIEW: Ready or Not By Meg Cabot

Genre: Young-Adult Buy: Amazon ‘All American Girl’ is a good read. But in a weird twist I read the first one after reading ‘Ready or Not.’ I don’t like reading series books out of order but what to do if series order isn’t mentioned. Since it’s a part of a series, some things are connected […]


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