Vacation Time!

I have been thinking about adding another category to this blog, but kept putting it off.

Mostly because it’d take away the focus from book review posts as the blog is all about books and sometimes quotes I find in them.

Maybe adding this new category won’t take away the focus from the main subject of the blog. I can always share some announcements related to my blog in future in this category.

I’m writing this post to make the announcement official.

I have decided to take a short break from the internet and blogging for a while.

I won’t be answering emails or private messages. I have already stopped checking my emails.

So if you have mailed me and have not received an answer yet, now you know why. You might get answers to your emails, but after sometime or when I’m in the mood to answer.

Am I Bored With Writing/Blogging?

Nope. I’m just fed up of being online and jumping from one social network to another.

I have been taking short breaks, some of you might have noticed (or not). But sadly, that trick isn’t working.

What Would Happen To My Blogs?

I’m taking a break and not abandoning or deleting my blogs.

Note To The Authors:

Ever since I have announced that I’m not accepting book review requests, for some reason, there’s an increase in such requests.

I appreciate the fact that you guys want me to review your books. I really do!

But when it’s written ‘refrain from sending book review requests’ it means just that.

Once I’m back online, I will update the Review Policy, so you get a clear picture of what goes on my blogs. If still there’s some answer(s) I forget to provide in the review policy, then feel free to contact and ask me.

But What About My Books That You Accepted For Review?

They are with me. I’m not stopping reading or writing or even blogging about books. I’m only taking a break.

Worry not, if I manage to finish reading your book(s), I will publish the review after my vacation.

Also, I have decided not to waste my time trying to read books that fail to interest me even after I try to read them quite a few times.

Yes, I have encountered such books.

However, just because I have no interest in your book doesn’t mean it’s not a good one. It only means I’m probably not the right reader for your book.

I don’t publish reviews of books if I haven’t finished reading them. Writing a review of a book only after reading a couple of chapters, seems unfair to you and my blog readers.

I will inform you soon if your book has fallen in ‘could not read’ category. There’s no point in keeping the news till I’m back from my vacation.

I delete those books from my computer, if you must know what I do with such ebooks.

Note To My Online Friends/Readers:

Thank you so much for always around, supporting, helping, encouraging me and for just being you! I appreciate all of you a lot!

See You All Soon! 🙂

Happy Reading!

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  1. Hi Alisha,

    Thank you! 🙂 Will bombard you guys with new posts after coming back. 😉 Well, May 2nd is almost over here, so I'm officially offline. 🙂

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