Book Review: From Good Guy to Groom by Tracy Madison


Series: Book 6 in ‘The Colorado Fosters’.

“Love isn’t easy, but when it’s right….when you know deep in your gut that you’ve found the right woman, leaving words unsaid will haunt you. Every damn minute of every damn day.” ~~ Tracy Madison (Book: From Good Guy to Groom)

Sometimes I end up taking a dislike to a title for reasons unknown. This book is one such book. I’d not find anything wrong with it, but all I thought about was – meh could’ve been better?

Anyway, let’s find out a little about the story of ‘From Good Guy to Groom’…

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Mills and Boon.

Main Characters: Andrea Caputo, Ryan Bradshaw.

‘From Good Guy to Groom by Tracy Madison’ ~~ Synopsis:

After getting injured in the hospital shooting, trauma nurse Andi is looking forward to spending a few months away from her job to recover emotionally & physically.

Andi doesn’t like to advertise that it’s not just her leg that got injured in the shooting. But she’s also having trouble overcoming the death of her mentor on that day.

Her inability to move away from the incident emotionally is giving her sleepless nights. All the sleepless nights are not helping her recover as soon as she wants to.

That’s one reason she moves to Steamboat Springs to recover in peace and away from the scary memories.

The physical therapist Andi has chosen to see for the treatment is not ready to let her get away with not revealing how she’s fairing emotionally.

Andi doesn’t want to share with the therapist her emotional struggles after the incident and the fact that she’s not sleeping well since that day.

Ryan moved to Steamboat Springs after his breakup and with the desire to start his life afresh near his family. He loves his new practice and the slow pace of the small town.

When he meets his new patient Andi, it’s clear that it’s not just her leg that needs healing. But his new patient is too stubborn and not ready to discuss what’s bothering her.

Ryan has seen more than his share of stubborn patients and he’s ready to wait till Andi feels comfortable enough to tell him more. They have a few months, so there’s no need to pressure her to share what’s bothering her.

While he’s busy treating her, Ryan begins to like Andi and wonders if he’s making another mistake by falling for his patient. It didn’t work out the first time. He surely needs time to figure it out.

Andi can see Ryan is a dedicated professional who wants to help her recover. Maybe in time she would share with him what’s bothering her the most. What to do with their pesky attraction?

She is like him all too aware that it’s too easy to fall for someone helping you recover. Are their feelings for each other real or just infatuation?


I don’t have much to say about this unbearably boring story. Maybe I should have allowed the boring title of the book to cue me about what’s to follow inside.

Let’s talk about characters: Andrea and Ryan. Ryan is too good to be true even for a fictional character. What shall I say about Andrea’s character?

Apparently, she’s self-reliant and independent. So much so that she doesn’t understand that when a patient asks for a help from a doctor or caregiver like Ryan, he/she is not being needy or dependent.

Her definition of independence is all about hiding what’s keeping her from moving on from a horrible incident in her life.

Anyone would understand some form of reluctance in a patient to discuss everything with a doctor frankly. But Andi crosses the line one too many times to get the benefit of the doubt.

This character comes across as not independent, but someone who is needlessly hooked onto drama and dragging others with her, in this case, Ryan.

In real like, doctors or therapists are not there to catch you when you are about to fall flat on your face from the exhaustion (due to your own fault) then why it should be like that in fiction.

Oh… I know…because its fiction and hero’s main job is to catch the heroine? I hated the overuse of ‘Oh and Oh’.

But is it necessary to make her seem supremely stupid? If this character was truly independent then she would have understood that to maintain that independence she should do everything to get well soon. She’s also a nurse, so her attitude towards her own health made no sense.

Then there are too many boring secondary characters to increase the length of already yawn worthy story. Also, there are no emotions. 


 “It’s smarter to rely on your own capabilities than expect other people to save the day or pick up the slack or whatever.” ~~ Tracy Madison (Book: From Good Guy to Groom)


Hit or Miss: Miss.

Ratings: 1star/5.

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Book Review: Music of the Night by Nancy Herkness

“The compulsion to create cannot be stopped, no matter what obstacles you put in its way.” ~~ Nancy Herkness (Book: Music of the Night)

When you cannot decide which book to download to fill your Kindle Unlimited quota, going with yet another book of an author whose books you liked before, makes perfect sense.

I was a bit apprehensive about this one, but then I remembered reading ‘Shower of Stars’ and downloaded it without further internal debate. Even if I’d not like it, it’s okay. You cannot like someone’s all stories.

Let’s see how the adventure of reading ‘Music of the Night’ turned out…

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense.

Main Characters: Anna Salazar, Nickolas Vranos.

‘Music of the Night by Nancy Herkness’ ~~ Synopsis:

Detective Lieutenant Anna meets the world renowned conductor Nicholas when she begins the investigation of the murder of his close friend French horn player.

The tall, dark conductor is on top of Anna and her partner’s suspect list as Nicholas at best seems elusive. His presence at the murder scene makes him a suspect at least. Their theory is maybe due to some personal or professional reasons, he did it.

Nicholas is not just a suspect but also someone who could help the detectives navigate the world of music without much trouble. He also offers to give them easy access to people known to the victim.

He only has one condition -- he wants to be part of the investigation and want to know how the case is proceeding.

Anna and her partner are wary of Nicholas and his offered help, but they need it nonetheless, whether the smooth talking conductor is a murderer or not is something yet to be decided.

There’s another witness, but how much help that one could provide is questionable, considering she seems hysterical at times.

Nicholas is not worried about being the number one suspect. The more pressing matter for him is to find out the reason why his friend was killed.

Its true his late best friend was known to make an enemy or two at times, but Nicholas is sure none would be stupid enough to ruin their careers in such a fashion.  

Could it be for the piece of paper he found in his friend’s hand? When should he hand over the paper to the detectives?

It becomes clear to Anna that they do indeed need Nicholas help. Also, some past personal information does give Nicholas, at least, some motive to kill his friend.

So Anna goes to question him and gets caught up in the web of his seduction. It seems all the mayhem and chaos is because of a piece of paper that’s supposed to be part of Beethoven’s Tenth Symphony.

Soon freaky accidents begin to happen and Anna begins to wonder if Nicholas is the suspect or the next target. 


I liked Anna & Nickolas. They are very different characters and for a while I was not sure about them. Then I realized that I was reading an already written story, no need to stress how it’d all come together in the end.

Anna & Nicholas are so different, yet the author manages to make you believe that it’d work between them.

Everything comes out fine in the end and there is a sort of HEA, it’s just not convincing as I couldn’t stop thinking if they would work out in real life. 

Anyways, let’s move on to the murder mystery angle.

I liked the murder mystery that’s going on. It’s exciting trying to find the killer. But the worst part was I couldn’t catch the killer this time -- maybe next time.

Despite it being interesting and all, I found my interest waning at times. The author’s writing style is engaging as ever – that’s what made me continue reading till the end, whether I believed in something or not.

You may like it, if you’re looking for a Romance Novel with interesting characters and a murder case to solve.

Hit or Miss: Hit.

Ratings: 3stars/5.

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Book Review: Doukakis's Apprentice By Sarah Morgan


Series: 21st Century Bosses

It's one of those times, when I, on purpose, picked a book that’s part of a series. I was aware of the fact that I may or may not get the chance to finish all the books in the series. But I don't like the series that's written by ten different authors.

You can read this book without having to have read the others in the series. I don't know why then it's part of the series. Or maybe I do know because books in the series make more money as per some articles I’ve read.

Let's begin the review and find out how the story goes....

Genre: Romance.

Main Characters: Polly Prince, Damon Doukakis.

'Doukakis's Apprentice By Sarah Morgan' ~~ Synopsis:

Polly Prince knows how to take care herself, her life and if necessary, people around her too. Her father depends on her and the employees of their failing family business too.  

That’s what life or rather her father's constant absence in her life has taught her. She takes care of the problems on her own and doesn't ask for help, especially from her father. That leaves her with little to have personal life, not that she minds anymore.  

So when Polly finds out that the ruthless businessman & her best friend's older brother, Damon Doukakis, has taken over her father's small advertising company, she tries to stay cal, for the sake of the employees. And because worrying wouldn't change what's already happened.

Polly, unlike others, knows why Damon bought the company that he probably doesn't want or need.

She suspects he must be angry and buying the company that's not in a good shape as his way of retaliation. If only he knew that her father doesn't care. So Polly's expecting Damon to make most of the staff members redundant or make her life hell due to an incident ten years ago.

Polly is ready to fight for the staff as her father is not around. The board of directors is the reason for the lousy condition of the company.

Among all the chaos and confusion, ‘Demon’ (not my words) Damon enters the office of Prince Advertising and the first thing Damon does is begin to fire the some staff members and as a result get into a verbal duel with Polly.

Mostly because, Damon doesn’t have a good opinion of her and seeing her dressed up unprofessionally in the office, adds more fuel to his anger.

He's mostly angry with Polly’s father. As his younger sister, Arianna is having an affair with Sr. Prince. To Damon’s surprise, Polly is smart, knows how to play the word game and is not scared of him. She can stand up for herself and if the need arises for others too.

She also has a different world view than Damon and doesn’t believe in delving in the past for too long or to the point that it'd drive one to take revenge.

Damon on the other hand is busy chasing his 24-year old sister, who in his opinion, always makes the wrong choices. And as an elder brother it’s his responsibility to keep her safe. If only life worked like that…

No matter how much Damon tries to ignore Polly & how his view of her is changing, he can’t. And the sizzling attraction between them won’t allow them to ignore each other either. 



Half of the time, Damon behaved like a bull in the china town. I had no idea how to react, whether to be amused with Damon’s haughty attitude or to hate him.

Anger toward Damon subsides a bit when you find out the reason behind his actions. 

Polly’s character is what kept me reading the book. I just loved her character. Sometimes I wondered what’s stopping someone like her from starting her own business.

Only time I felt distress reading the book was when Polly’s father and Damon’s sister shows up. The duo is a perfect example of selfish, thoughtless and irresponsible people. 


Hit or Miss: Hit!

Ratings: 4stars/5.

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Book Review: Bought: Destitute yet Defiant by Sarah Morgan


I downloaded this book when I was on 'ebook download binge' after installing a reading app.

Another reason was: I recognized the author’s name and remembered enjoying reading a couple of her books. Just couldn't remember the name of the books on time.

Let’s find out a little about ‘Bought: Destitute yet Defiant’…

Genre: Contemporary Romance.

Main Characters: Jessica 'Jessie' Gray, Silvio Brianza

‘Bought: Destitute yet Defiant’ by Sarah Morgan’ ~~ Synopsis:

Jessie is a singer in a night club in the shady part of the city. She’d not chosen the job, but she does not have a choice. She has to make a living and also pay the debt her late brother left behind.

She's trying her best to pay the thugs and keep out of their clutches. But she knows they want their money back sooner than she’d pay and are ready to kill her.

One night after work Jessie tries to outrun the thugs, but they cornered her. She's ready to die trying to defend herself when....

Silvio, her brother's best friend and her childhood crush, appears out of nowhere to save her. He whisks her to the safety of his new world.

Unlike Jessie and her brother, Silvio with his determination and hard work left the slum life behind and built a new luxurious life for himself.

Three years after the death of his friend and Jessie's insistence that he leaves her alone, Silvio comes back to save Jessie.

Seeing the way Jessie's barely managing to live or pay her brother's debt, Silvio feels guilty of leaving her when she needed him the most.

He decides to save her from the life in the slum, whether she wants to take his help or not. This much he can do for his late friend's little sister and his secret crush.

Jessie's thankful, yet is angry with herself for allowing Silvio to save her. He's the one she blames for the death of her brother...if only he'd not given her brother the money.

Silvio blames himself as well, but he doesn't allow his past to dictate his future. He has come to understand that his friend’s death wasn't entirely his fault as Jessie likes to believe.

Jessie wants to leave Silvio's world as soon as possible. But Silvio convinces her to stay and allow him to help her build her life from the scratch.

The more time Jessie spends with Silvio, the more it becomes difficult to keep pretending that they are not attracted to each other.

And that maybe she's wrong to accuse Silvio for her brother's lack of wanting to take responsibility for his actions.

Yet Jessie doesn't want to stay in Silvio's life as she's sure she's just another project for him.

Silvio's predicament: how to inspire confidence in Jessie? And if she loves him as he does.


"Some people are too messed up. Or perhaps they just don't want to be saved. But at the end of the day there's only so much someone else can do. They can give you a ladder but it's up to you to climb up it." ~~ Sarah Morgan (Book: Bought: Destitute yet Defiant)



Minus Points:

1: The plot moves too fast, which is good, if you enjoy short novels aka novellas. But it also gives the feeling as if it's jumping from one scene to another, leaving you wondering what’s happening.  

2: I understood the insecurities of Jessie's character and even sympathized.

As her life changes within a fortnight, so her insecurities & phobias are understandable. But after a while, her psychoanalysis of everything around her gets annoying.

3: The thugs after her life are relegated to the background which is fine as well. But it means there's not much happening action wise in the story.  

4: Jessie comes off as not just clueless about life, but totally stupid sometimes, which seems impossible. She lived a rough life since the age of five and she behaves as if she lived a sheltered life. Her insecurities are understandable, but her naiveté is unbelievable.

Maybe it has something to do with some guideline that all Harlequin novels follow:

According to which heroine, at all times is supposed to be stupid or turn into one after meeting the hero. Because stupidity and naiveté combined is some sort of aphrodisiac!

5. The story falls along with the ones that needs more space to develop.

Plus Points:

The plot, despite the glitches, moves at an exciting pace. You might not find anything amiss, if you are only looking for a weekend read that provides you some entertainment, which this book does.


Hit or Miss: Hit!

Ratings: 2 stars/5.

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