Book Review: One Perfect Night by Bella Andre


Series: Book 1 in ‘Seattle Sullivans’.

“As a little girl, I used to believe in love at first sight. I think every girl does. But then, slowly at first, and then faster and faster as I grew older and made bad choices, I lost that belief.” ~~ Bella Andre (Book: One Perfect Night)

I’m aware of it that ‘One Perfect Night’ is a novella ever since I have downloaded it.

My impression of novellas isn’t a favorable one, irrespective of who writes them.

Last one I read was: The Viscount’s Christmas Temptation, remembering that I was enough to stop me from reading ‘One Perfect Night’.  

But I could not remove the ebook without at least reading the first chapter.

Let’s see how the story of ‘One Perfect Night’ is….

Genre: Contemporary Romance.

Main Characters: Noah Bryant, Colbie Michaels.

‘One Perfect Night by Bella Andre’ ~~ Synopsis:

Colbie goes on a holiday with her closest friends once a year to catch up and unwind.

This time she’s trying to forget about her cheating ex and how she’s scared to take a chance on her dream of starting her own business. But in the end she decides to give her dream a chance.

Now that she’s decided to open her store, there’s no way she’d stop before seeing if she’d make her dream venture a success. She’s busy trying to navigate her way around without the help of her friends when she runs into Noah.

No matter how sizzling the chemistry between them Colbie decides not to take any chances and stick with their ‘no men allowed’ rules of their vacation.

And she’s also taking a break from dating, after the recent heart-break, for a while. Her sole focus is on her business and not trying to find the elusive happy ever after. She’s no longer sure if it even exists.

But she does accept Noah’s offer to teach her how to ski without falling face down into the snow every time she tries. He seems like a kind guy, but Colbie is wary of believing him, more than necessary.

The vacation ends and they go back to their lives, not able to forget the one that got away.

Noah couldn’t believe it that he didn’t ask for Colbie’s last name or her phone number. Now he can’t keep her out of his thoughts and there’s no way to contact her.

He remembers his good friend & private investigator Rafe Sullivan and asks Rafe to find Colbie. Rafe’s reluctant to find someone who probably doesn’t want to be found.

On the other side, Colbie’s regretting not taking the risk of following her heart. When her friend Mia pushes her, Colbie agrees to call Mia’s brother Rafe with her strange request.

Colbie’s call solves Rafe’s predicament to find or not to find someone who didn’t provide their number or last name, for a friend. Now the only question is would Colbie believe Noah when he tells her that they are meant to be together.


I liked Colbie & Noah’s characters and wished it were a full novel than a novella. The rushed pace of the novella is what I do not like. And if you have read even one of Ms. Andre’s books then you know how sweet the story could get.

Which I discovered after reading some of her books, I have no problems with that. If I had issues with instant love, then I would have stopped reading romance years ago.

These books make for a good light weekend reading for me.

But in a novella, it all comes across as fake. Noah’s character does not have much trouble in his past or present life, meaning he’s not a tortured hero. So he has got nothing to get over – Meaning low drama.

Colbie does have issues to get over, which she gets over within a day or two of meeting Noah just because he keeps saying he loves her.

I couldn’t fall for their instant love this time around. To me the characters seemed one dimensional and there’s barely any story.

Still, it’s a pleasant experience reading ‘One Perfect Night.’


“Ideas came when it was their time, business flowed when it was meant to be.” ~~ Bella Andre (Book: One Perfect Night)

Hit or Miss: Hit.

Ratings: 3stars/5.

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Happy Reading!