Book Review: The Enticement of an Earl by Chasity Bowlin


Series: Book 3 in the ‘Dark Regency’.

“Seeking answers others do not wish you to find can have dreadful consequences.” ~~ Chasity Bowlin (Book: The Redemption of a Rogue)


So far I’m enjoying reading books in the ‘Dark Regency’ series. Let’s find out a bit about the third book ‘The Enticement of an Earl’….

Genre: Dark Regency, Historical Romance.

Main Characters: Larissa Walters, Lord Gervase Hamilton Spencer Earl of Kinraven.

‘The Enticement of an Earl by Chasity Bowlin’ ~~ Synopsis:

Larissa & Spencer are in love with each other, since the day Spencer saved her from her abuser. But they are unaware of other’s affections. Spencer wants to give Larissa as much time as she needs to heal from her abusive past.

And Larissa’s sure he does not want her because of her past. One forbidden encounter at least manages to change Larissa’s opinion.

Since she has the gift of sensing people’s intention, she knows Spencer desires her. But Spencer remains oblivious to her feelings and leaves.

For a long while, Larissa didn’t know what to do about her situation with Spencer. But one day she decides to read a letter sent by Spencer to her brother-in-law.

She’s happy to know he hasn’t forgotten about her. But according to him, there’s something strange going on his new estate and it seems he is losing his mind.

Larissa sees it as her chance to visit Spencer, even when she knows her actions would be considered inappropriate by the society. But she does not care. Gossips spread by her abuser has almost ruined whatever was left of her reputation.

She’s sure no one would marry her, but that does not mean she couldn’t have what she wants. She takes advantage of the absence of her sister & brother-in-law and runs away with a hired companion to Scotland.

With only two goals – seducing Spencer and helping him with whatever it is that’s bothering him. When she reaches the estate, it turns out the situation is grimmer than she’d anticipated.

It does seem that the man she loves is going crazy. And all of a sudden her gifts have deserted her amongst people, who seem to not care much about their relative or the employer.

Spencer ran away from London to tend to his hurt feelings in the solitude. When out of the blue he got earldom of Kinraven, he leaves for Scotland.

But ever since he has arrived, something strange is happening around him. Every day it seems he is losing touch with reality. So one day he decides to ask his friends to come to Scotland and help him.

He’s pleased to see Larissa there as long as he thought she’s part of his hallucinations.

But the moment it becomes clear that she’s there instead of his friend, he wants her to leave.

His new house isn’t a safe place. He cannot save her from whatever is going on or his own madness. He’s not sure if it’s safe for her to be around him.

Larissa tells him that she’s not going anywhere until she finds out what’s happening to him. She’s suspicious of everyone in his house, especially the female relatives, whom he allowed to stay in the castle.

There’s something sinister going on in the castle that much Larissa is sure about but without her gifts, she cannot investigate as fast as possible.

So she begins her investigation with the help of her companion and few people who seem to be on Spencer’s side and start the work to unravel a mysterious curse put on anyone who becomes Earl of Kinraven before it takes Spencer’s life too like previous earls.




The plot of ‘The Enticement of an Earl’ is exciting. Sometimes while reading the last two installments, I got the feeling that something is missing.

Last time it was the no show mystery of finding the villain. And this one lacks the chemistry between main characters. It was there in the beginning. But then it went away.

I found the story interesting enough to not bother much. The paranormal angel is again disappointing.

Anyway, I still enjoyed reading all three stories. If I have to pick one, then it’s ‘The Haunting of a Duke’ that I think is better in almost every aspect.


“Independence once attained, should be closely guarded.” ~~ Chasity Bowlin (Book: The Redemption of a Rogue)


Hit or Miss: Hit.

Ratings: 3stars/5.

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